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EMPIRE is a complex information system for companies, which appreciate efectivity of their staff. It is a full modular system, what means, that each of its parts is able to work as an "independent" aplication. Each client can choose modules he needs. Despite of that each module works separately, usage of more of them brings many advantages, because modules are bound to each other and most of information is common for all modules. This system saves also time, because all primary information are set only once. EMPIRE has actually 12 functional modules. Group of economical modules is already the fourth generation of economic software PASW of Pro Audit, s.r.o., which guarantees their logic and legislative regularity at the same time. EMPIRE presents ideal hybrid system, because it contains knowledge and methods verified in previous generation of system PASW and is not charged by out-of-date technology, but is built on new architecture.

System EMPIRE is draught up to provide analytic and syntetic control tools in modern company with fixed binding on e-business and global business. EMPIRE is built on standard 3tier architecture (client, server, database) and written in Java. In system EMPIRE is used standard technology, what guarantees high compatibility with other products. It also enables to use this system in heterogenous users enviroment. You get more information in section "Information".

EMPIRE is actually available in three different design surfaces and it has multi-language support. This support already exists on a data level and because of that it is possible to save all input information in different languages. More information about Brick framework, which is EMPIRE built on, you can get in this place.


  New version 03/2008  
  - in FIM module: added statistics
  - in ADM module: parametric document numbering
  - in ASM module: user defined customization

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